Helping our clients deliver what their customers want

A working team familiar with our clients existing work environment was established to conduct a service and workflow mapping exercise, to map the experience of their customer when they place a service request. To achieve this, we built capability within the team in a methodology called ‘Systems Thinking’ – Understanding customer demands end-to-end, and from an outside-in perspective. The Systems Thinking methodology starts with the need to ‘get knowledge’ of the current environment.

What we did
  • Leadership and staff capability building; core elements of the design. With direct working party and representatives from the customer experience teams.
  • Interviews with several key members of the customer teams to understand what was important to them, and their experiences to date.
  • Customer journey mapped – both physically on a wall, and via detailed data capture.
What was achieved

Eye-opening systemic insight was presented back into our client, and through to their customer with outstanding feedback. This led to a number of service delivery changes in the client frameworks and a new benchmark experience for the customer.

On-going changes continue for our client as well as their customers.

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