How well do I know my organisation?

Being able to see opportunities to address the systemic issues in your organisation might mean you need to reconnect with your people in different ways.

Being Present

Deliberately directing my attention to be completely present moment by moment. Aware of but not distracted by thoughts, feelings, sensations, and the environment.

Enquiring to Connect

Adopting an attitude of curiosity and suspending judgment in order to listen deeply and respond with authenticity. Actively seeking multiple, diverse perspectives.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Synthesising perspectives into an integrated view of the bigger picture – seeing integrated patterns amongst multiple perspectives.

Reconnecting with the valuable work being done

When you filter the good from the bad, and distill down to the most valuable working being done, how do you truly know this is the most valuable work you could be doing for your customers? How would your customers define the work you do – in their words?