Connecting with your customers…

These methods introduce you to a new way of understanding and improving the way you do work for your customers. Many concepts will build on your knowledge using newly-defined customer frameworks – built specifically for your organisation – and can be designed to help you work as a team to improve your unique capabilities, and to learn how you can do great things for customers.

This often begins as a hands-on exercise: taking calls, reading emails, and all manner of direct contact with your customers. We then design each piece of work on understanding demand, mapping demand, and working with other parts of the organisation to help ‘work’ work better.

Ideal outcomes

While many unstated things will be achieved, we always try to reach a number of pre-defined goals. These include:

  • Develop, understand and apply a full model for true root cause
  • Understand demand from a customer perspective
  • Understand what waste and value work is and how it affects the people in the work
  • Be able to map demand and the drivers of waste in your system
  • Be able to synthesise data to help others understand the root cause of failure